Jürgen Kipperer CEO
Andreas Nedwed CEO
Paul Zach CEO
Jan Zach CEO
Axel Bernhard Commercial Director
Samy Gaenger Accounting & Payroll
Ljubica Karabojoska Accounting & Payroll
Marco Concin Account- & Sales Manager
Christoph Koeberlin Account & Sales Manager
Patrick Pusterhofer Account- & Sales Manager
Jeannine Kreutz HR Manager
Lena-Marie Zottler HR Manager
Florian Knall Marketing Director
Philip Raiser Head of Graphics
Markus Eichberger Key Account & Content Manager
Iris Zeiler Key Account & Content Manager
Lukas Draxl Event & Sports Manager
Julian Teufel Head of Events & Logistics
Alexander Köppl Head of Media
Marc Mühlmann Digital Planner
Tom Staud Head of Technical Coordination
Alexandra Vukosavljevic Digital Project Assistent
Justin Fichtel Trainee Events & Logistics
Jonas Grasberger Trainee Media & Motion
David Schneider Trainee Events & Logistics
Lara Wulz Trainee Marketing & PR
Skippy The Dog Office Dog


Mike Aflenzer Technical Manager
Jonas Ernst Technical Manager
Daniel Hruby Technical Manager
Bernd Mandlberger Technical Manager
Benjamin Pincemaille Technical Manager
Sven Toller Technical Manager
Gerald Kerschhackel Technical Manager
Rudi Kröll Regional Manager
Bostjan Marhold Regional Manager
Nicolas Rodolausse Regional Manager
Florian Schreckeneder Regional Manager
Moritz Weber Regional Manager
Andrea Trevisan Build-up Manager